alseda Consulting SurePay SAP Add-Ons für den IBAN-Name Check INV
Press Release 09/2023

alseda Consulting and SurePay announce the launch of an SAP add-on for the IBAN name check.

payments hub, ISO20022, real time payments, SWIFT, SEPA, xml, instant payments, instant payments
SAP S/4HANA Banking for payment centralization

alseda's new "Accelerated Implementation Package" for SAP S/4HANA Banking for payment centralization (SAP PE) offers even more extensive preconfigurations for the SAP Payment Hub.

TISAX Zertifizierung TISAX certification
alseda Consulting- successfully TISAX certified

alseda Consulting has been successfully audited according to the Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange (TISAX).

Nachhaltigkeistkonzept alseda Ökologie, Zukunft, Klimaschutz, CO2 Reduktion
alseda's sustainability concept

In order to be able to achieve the triad between ecology, social responsibility and economic efficiency in the company, its products and services, a holistic transformation is also required beyond company boundaries.

alseda Zertifizierung ISO27001
alseda consulting - successful ISO27001 certified

We are delighted to announce that alseda has been awarded an ISO27001 certificate by the DEKRA auditors.

alseda - the experts in SAP Fiori development

alseda has already developed customer-specific Fiori apps for well-known companies in numerous customer projects.

alseda virtuelle bank, virtuelle bankfiliale, virtualle realiät, augmented reality, kreditvergabe
The future of Banking: Virtual Banking

"Virtual Reality" and "Augmented Reality" are a new opportunity to offer banks the old and well-proven consulting services to their customers in a new dimension.

alseda SAP Fioneer partner of the month, alseda ist SAP Fioneer Partner des Monats
alseda is SAP Fioneer Partner of the month

SAP Fioneer names alseda Partner of the month.

SAP Complex Loans, SAP Cloud for banking, SAP C4B
Migrating to SAP S/4HANA

alseda is a leader in the migration of SAP applications to SAP S/4HANA at financial service providers.

latest technologies / mobile innovations / fully digitized / smart payments
The first bank healthier - Discovery Bank

South Africa's largest medical insurer, Discovery Health, has launched its much-anticipated banking offering, calling it the "first behavioral bank".

Die bank-unabhängige "Mobile-Banking-App" von alseda Banka App iOS Android Apple Samsung Google Smartphone mobile Banking
alseda's bank independent mobile banking app

alseda launches the first bank-independent mobile banking app in Germany.

Die SAP Anbindung von Auskunfteien wie: SCHUFA, Creditreform, beDirect, CRIFBürgel und Infoscore.
Connection of credit agencies

The alseda S2S solution extends the SAP standard (ERP and S/4HANA), but also industry-specific solutions such as SAP Banking Services, IS-U, FSCM, with the functionalities of the credit agencies SCHUFA, Creditreform, CRIFBürgel, and Infoscore.

target2 Konsolidierung, MX-Formate, SWIFT
TARGET2: into the future with ISO20022

The Eurosystem has decided to replace the SWIFT (MT) messages used in TARGET2 payments with XML-based MX messages.

Embargo & Sanctions Monitoring implementation and development in the financial services sector
Applications for sanction lists and money laundering

The systematic alignment of banks to legal requirements (compliance) to avoid regulatory risks has received increased priority and attention in recent years.

SAP Payment Engine - successful implementation

alseda Consulting: Successful go-live start of the SAP Payment Engine.

Digitalization refined

Digital financing for spontaneous decisions.

(RDS) für die SAP Payment Engine mit den US Payment Formaten: ACH, Fedwire und CHIPS
alseda AIP US - the Accelerated Implementation Package for the SAP PE with US payments formats

The Rapid Deployment Solution (RDS) for the SAP Payment Engine with the US Payment formats: ACH, Fedwire and CHIPS.

SAP Payment Engine
SAP Payment Engine

alseda is the leading implementer for the SAP Payment Engine.

Echtzeitüberweisungen, SEPA SCT Inst, SEPA Instant Credit Transfer, Real time payments, SEPA Instant Payments
SEPA Instant Payment

SCT Inst was created for everyone: consumers, businesses, large companies, administrations.


10. Zahlungsverkehrs-Symposium 2024
FPN Payments Symposium - "Payments - Quo vadis"?

The 10th FPN Payment Transactions Symposium 2024 took place on 7 - 8 March 2024.

alseda auf dem SAP Fioneer Forum 2023
alseda at the SAP Fioneer Forum

As partner of SAP Fioneer alseda Consulting is keen to hear from banks, insurers and fintechs on how our services are helping them to innovate their organizations.

DSAG AK Banking – Spring meeting 2023
DSAG AK Banking – Spring meeting

In May, the spring meeting took place at DSAG.

25. Euro Finance Week in Frankfurt
alseda at the 25th Euro Finance Week in Frankfurt

alseda Consulting participated in the Tech Day of the 25th Euro Finance Week, the largest conference for the financial industry in Frankfurt.

campus careers 2020 Hochschule und Universität in Aschaffenburg University of applied science
alseda at the Campus Careers Days of the TH Aschaffenburg

Campus Careers is the university's own company and personnel contact fair for students in the Bavarian Lower Main region.

DSAG AK Banking
alseda at the DSAG AK Banking - Autumn Meeting

Autumn meeting of the Banking Working Group of the German-speaking SAP User Group (DSAG).

alseda pflanzt Bäume
alseda plants 100 trees

alseda Consulting plants 100 trees together with "Planet Tree".

SCHUFA-Branchentreff für die Deutsche Kreditwirtschaft
The time has come... alseda consulting is again on site at the first attendance event after the Corona break.

The SCHUFA B2B meeting is primarily about digital ecosystems as a successor to the classic industry networks.