news - The Future of Banking: Virtual Banking

Virtual Reality in Banking

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are a new opportunity to offer banks the old and well-proven financial services to their customers in a new dimension. A maximum of personalized comfort can be offered by these technologies completely independent of location and time.

Furthermore, with the support of AI (artificial intelligence) higher dimensions in the customer experience can be achieved in a bank branch of the future.

alseda and Inlusion Netforms have created a virtual bank of the future using the latest available technologies. In the virtual bank branch, it is possible to move freely and use various services of the bank. When required it is possible to press with the virtual hand the operating element “assistant” and an avatar will appear in the virtual world to advice a customer on financial services.

In the context of full digitalization, the displayed information is not only available in the virtual world, it is also transferred from real SAP banking applications into virtual reality. For example, if the customer sees his bank account it means that he sees the real data from an SAP Banking System. If the customer decides to conclude a credit contract in the virtual bank branch, the conditions from an SAP Loans Management System are used and a credit contract is automatically created in the SAP application.

For the connection between the real world and virtual reality alseda uses existing APIs, which were already developed in the alseda prototype for Instant Credit. Virtual Reality is just one more option to visualize data using APIs.

For the next step alseda, together with SAP, plan to create additional innovative banking applications in Virtual Reality in the SAP Leonardo Center in New York.