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Nachhaltigkeistkonzept alseda, Klimaschutz, Ökologie, Co2 Reduktion

Rethinking for tomorrow – our drive

  • In order to be able to achieve the triad between ecology, social issues and economic efficiency in the company, its products and services, a holistic transformation is also required beyond company boundaries.
  • In conjunction with global changes in the areas of technology (e.g., digitalization, electromobility), society, and the economy (e.g., tightening of financing criteria), complexity is growing along with the sustainability factor.
  • Environmental and social aspects must be given equal consideration – this is being demanded by an increasing number of stakeholders, from customers and employees to financial investors and society.

In the future, the traditional focus on economic optimization and growth will no longer be sufficient to be competitive and successful.

For us, being sustainable means ...


reduce the impact on the environment, takeover of social and societal responsibility, to strive for value - creating growth


Managers with clear standards of behavior as role models and visionaries, lived norms, values and visible successes to anchor the philosophy of sustainability in the minds of employees.


Change through collaborative and credible action, Measures for sustainability must be designed in a way that is comprehensible, their effect clearly recognizable - for all stakeholders

Our objectives for the future

  • Electric company car fleet by 2025
  • Climate-neutral alternative mobility
  • Climate-friendly business trips
  • Climate-certified consulting
  • Sustainably managed company locations
    (green Office)
  • Support of environmental projects
  • Sustainable asset structure
Nachhaltigkeistkonzept alseda, Klimaschutz, Ökologie, Co2 Reduktion

Our response for the climate offensive

  • We plant 100 trees in the Hessen Forest
  • Intelligent, on-site consulting
  • The dispatch of our mail is climate-neutral
  • Compensation of emissions for each flight
  • We promote the Electric company bike
  • For business trips, we give preference to the most climate-friendly means of transport
  • By 2025, we will provide the entire service dare to switch to electric and hybrid vehicles
  • At our location, we use green electricity, clever logistics, environmental paper and regional products from regional producers

Our services - sustainably professional

Nachhaltigkeistkonzept alseda, Klimaschutz, Ökologie, Co2 Reduktion

„alseda Consulting succeeds in
to reconcile economic success and growth with environmentally conscious action and social responsibility.”

Frank Bergmann
(Managing Director alseda)