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SAP Fiori development

SAP Fiori is the new user interface for SAP software. After having been the linchpin for SAP users for many years, SAP Fiori will in future be the user interface (UI) for all SAP applications. First of all, SAP Fiori is the name for the new so-called User Experience (UX) for many modern SAP products.

Considering modern and user-friendly design principles, all applications are role-based, personalized, and context-aware, bundled in the SAP Fiori Launchpad. The user can intuitively and individually assemble his applications in the Launchpad so that he experiences maximum ergonomics and flexibility. The SAP Fiori Launchpad can be used with any current browser. The adaptive layout allows the display on any device – even on mobile divices.

alseda – the experts in SAP Fiori development

With our support, our customers have the opportunity to introduce SAP Fiori quickly and efficiently in their company and to adapt it successively to the individual process requirements. Leveraging the benefits of mobile devices in all SAP processes and streamlined integration without media disruption enables the use of advanced features, such as documenting facts through photos or digitally signing receipts – paperless yet secure.

Our customers benefit from our ready-made Fiori solutions and mobile apps as well as our many years of experience in many different tasks in the Fiori environment. With the help of the SAP Cloud Platform, we can provide our customers with all the features and benefits of SAP Fiori within hours.

alseda has already developed customer-specific Fiori apps for well-known companies in numerous customer projects. We also use Fiori surfaces for our own SAP add-ons.