Events - SCHUFA industry meeting for the German banking industry

We were part of the SCHUFA industry meeting for the German banking industry on October 29 and 30, 2019 in Frankfurt.

We look back on 17 years of successful partnership with Schufa. The industry get-together was characterized by a successful and creative exchange of ideas, especially at our information booth. We were not only able to answer questions about our SAP-to-Schufa solution (S2S), but also to present our latest technical solution. Our Virtual Reality Bank in which our products Instant Credit (SAP modules: BCA/CML/BP/PE) and S2S are integrated via the SAP Cloud Platform and accessible with different end devices.

In our virtual reality bank, consumer loans can be applied for online within seconds. The Schufa credit check, loan application and granting, as well as a payment to the specified current account are fully integrated processes.

The futuristic demonstration of our credit allocation process with the VR glasses terminal was a special pleasure for us. Many thanks to our partner SCHUFA.

SCHUFA-Branchentreff für die Deutsche Kreditwirtschaft