alseda S2S Solution – Integration from credit agencies into SAP

Die SAP Anbindung von Auskunfteien wie: SCHUFA, Creditreform, beDirect, CRIFBürgel und Infoscore.
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More information about the S2S solution.

The alseda S2S solution extends the SAP standard (ERP and S/4HANA), but also industry-specific solutions such as SAP Banking Services, IS-U, FSCM, with the functionalities of several credit agencies. 

Fast-moving and complex markets make it difficult to keep risks calculable. Relying on discovering risks by chance only can easily threaten your very existence. That is why it is essential to use efficient and automated risk management. This way, risks can be detected and minimized at an early stage, and unpleasant experiences can be avoided. 

The SAP-based S2S add-on solution extends the SAP standard to include the functionalities of several credit agencies and integrates them into the SAP landscape. Information can be obtained from those in real time and directly from SAP. The S2S solution has a very high flexibility and a low implementation effort, as individual settings can be made via SAP customizing. 

As smart processes and business models move ever closer to the focus of intelligent and future-oriented companies, alseda is constantly adapting the S2S solution to modern and future-proof technologies. The S2S solution supports access to credit agencies new, modern communication interfaces. 

The PaaS and Saal solutions create an ideal technological basis for an agile and demand-oriented operation on the market. Therefore, the alseda S2S solution can be purchased for an on-premise installation and purchased or rented for SAP Cloud Platform and is ready for SAP S4/HANA. 

alseda Consulting will be happy to advise you on the selection of the right model of S2S solution and provide a customized solution adapted to your processes. 

General functionalities 

  • SAP add-on, i.e. no modification of the SAP standard 
  • Connection to new communication interface of credit agencies 
  • Connection to credit agencies database directly from SAP without using middleware 
  • Low implementation effort 
  • High flexibility – individual settings via SAP customizing 
  • High automation – automatic generation of reports and automatic assignment of subsequent reports 
  • Complete integration into the SAP Business Workflow 
  • Extensive plausibility checks – avoidance of incomplete or incorrect requests or messages 
  • Very detailed authorization management 
  • Integration with SAP business partner or non-SAP CRM 
  • Requests and messages directly from SAP BP or non-SAP CRM 
  • History – requests, messages and information are stored in the database 
  • No additional hardware or third party software required