Software-Produkte und Out-of-the-box Lösungen der alseda

alseda INV IBAN Name Check
Alseda INV – IBAN Name Validation

alseda INV is a SAP add-on for initiating a reconciliation of IBAN and account holder for bank accounts.

Leasing SAP S/4HANA alseda LISA Mobilienleasing
Alseda LISA - Objectleasing & Financing

alseda LISA is a leasing solution based on standard SAP S/4HANA applications and complemented by intelligent leasing functions.

Tokenized Digital Assets SAP Transactional Banking (TRBK)
Alseda TDA – The Tokenization Of Digital Assets

alseda TDA – The Out-of-the-Box Solution for Tokenized Digital Assets.

Die SAP Anbindung von Auskunfteien wie: SCHUFA, Creditreform, beDirect, CRIFBürgel und Infoscore.
S2S - Connection To Credit Agencies

Integration of services from credit agencies into the SAP ERP system. High automation with the procurement and administration of the agencies’ information.

Embargo & Sanctions Monitoring
Embargo & Sanctions Monitoring

With the alseda ESM software solution for all transactions or of persons and organizations are in real-time detected and logged, which are listed in the embargo and sanctions lists. The alseda ESM solution has interfaces for the integration of national and international sanctions lists.

payments hub, ISO20022, real time payments, SWIFT, SEPA, xml, instant payments, instant payments
Real Time Payments

Delivery of pre-configured settings reduces the time and effort required from internal business users to analyse and specify the corresponding requirements. A pre-configured SAP Payment Engine including all the initial default settings necessary to be able to process incoming and outgoing payments.

SAP Credit Card Management, SAP Card Management, VISA, Master Card, Virtual Cards, Token-Based Services
Credit Card Management

alseda offers a solution for Credit Cards/ Debit Cards and Virtual Cards as an issuer for the bank customers.

Instant Credit

Digitale Finanzierung für spontane Entscheidungen. Vom Kreditantrag bis zur Auszahlung in Minuten.

payments hub, ISO20022, real time payments, SWIFT, SEPA, xml, instant payments, instant payments
Alseda AIP - Accelerated Implementation Package For The SAP Payment Engine

The alseda AIP solution is a preconfiguration (RDS – Rapid Deployment Solution) for the SAP Payment Engine. It enables a significant acceleration and support of SAP PE implementation projects.

Alseda KWG24C - Kontenabruf
KWG24C - Account Retrieval

The alseda KWG24C solution offers all functionalities to fulfill the reporting requirements of the German Banking Act.

ProDevFi – Projekt- und Development-Finanzierungen
Alseda ProDevFi - Project Financings (Real Estate Financing) And Developments

alseda‘s software solution ProDevFi is a SAP Add-On for displaying project financings (real estate financing) and developments. The basis for the ProDevFi solution consists of several SAP applications.

alseda PRH, alseda payments reconciliation hub, SAP Payment Engine, SAP BI, SAP data warehouse
Alseda PRH - Payments Reconciliation Hub Meets BW On HANA

Centralized tool that collects data from various layers. Facilitates reconciliation of SAP PE and SAP DM payment data. Matches the data to guarantee that information is consistent. Contributes directly or indirectly to the balance sheet and income statement preparation.

Die bank-unabhängige "Mobile-Banking-App" von alseda Banka App iOS Android Apple Samsung Google Smartphone mobile Banking
Banka App

alseda launches the first bank-independent mobile banking app in Germany. The alseda “Banka-App" is an out-of-the-box mobile banking app that can handle all bank cards, credit cards, accounts and bank loans.