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More information about the alseda INV solution for banks

alseda INV is an add-on to the SAP S/4HANA® for initiating a reconciliation of IBAN and account holder for bank accounts. For this purpose, SAP functions are provided that establish a connection to the SurePay® IBAN Name Check and thus enable a smart and fast validation of the IBAN and the account holder. alseda INV can be integrated quickly and without modification into the SAP standard applications on-premise or via the SAP Cloud. 

alseda INV – IBAN Name Validation Name Check

For SEPA payments within the European currency area, the IBAN is used as a unique identifier. This has a check digit to avoid and protect against incorrect entries. However, this check digit does not help if fraud attempts are made with a “formally correct” IBAN that has nothing to do with the supposed recipient of the money. 

In order to avoid such fraud attempts, the European Commission has now provided for mandatory IBAN name matching in its latest draft on “Instant Payments”. 

SurePay has been offering such an IBAN name matching service in the Netherlands since 2016 and has since expanded this service to the entire European currency area. Already more than 100 banks and more than 300 companies in Europe use this service from SurePay. 

With the alseda SAP add-on, it is now possible to use the IBAN name matching of SurePay directly from SAP. Parameterisable and fully automated, so that the highest level of security against fraud is guaranteed without generating additional work for the user. 

Advantages at a glance 

  • Ready-to-run solution for fast and cost-effective implementation in SAP 
  • High automation through integration into existing processes of SAP applications  
  • Complete integration in SAP S/4HANA and the SAP Cloud  
  • Avoidance of IBAN fraud in payments 

The most important features 

Regular validation: Regular checks of existing bank details in the SAP system can be carried out via a report using freely definable selection criteria. 

Event-driven validation: The IBAN name comparison can also be carried out for certain events, e.g. the creation of new bank details. 

Process controlled validation: Within the processing procedures of SAP applications, validations of IBAN and account holder can also be carried out on a process-dependent basis, e.g. for the payment of supplier invoices. 

Manual adjustment: For individual checks, an IBAN validation can also be carried out manually via a SAP FIORI mask. 

Logging: The IBAN name matches carried out are stored in the standard SAP log tables and can thus be traced at any time.  

Integration in SAP S/4HANA and SAP Cloud applications 

The alseda INV solution can be installed on an on-premise SAP system or used via the SAP Cloud. The following SAP applications are directly supported: 

SAP FI – Finance and Accounting  

SAP CRM – Customer Relationship Management  

SAP HCM – Human Capital Mgmt and other industry applications 

SAP SD – Sales and Distribution  

SAP BP – Business Partner