Credit Card Management

Oliver Kratz
Product Manager
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More information about the credit card management.

alseda offers a solution for Credit and Debit Cards as an issuer for the bank customers. Therefore, a direct integration with the VISA network is required in order to manage all transactions performed with VISA Cards issued by the Bank. The following functions are supported:

SAP Card Management

Each card is created based on a card product. SAP Deposits Management (DM) makes use of products to define the characteristics of contracts, which includes product features as well as standard conditions and limits. Each card type would be defined via a corresponding card product. On card creation, the card bases on the corresponding card product. With that, it inherits the product features, which can – to the extent allowed for the product – be individualized for the specific customer. A card product defines attributes of a card, like:

  • real card or virtual card
  • Available & standard limits on card level
  • Standard conditions, fees and charges
  • Card layout
  • Validity period
  • BIN

The solution incorporates functionalities to manage cards for customers like:

  • Creation of first and additional cards
  • Closure of cards
  • Block card (i.e. stolen)
  • Un-Block Card

The solution incorporates functionalities to manage cards for bank staff like:

  • Card Renewal (trigger card renewal and check renewal upfront)
  • Authorisations (check and edit manually Authorisations for a Credit Card)
  • Clearing and Settlement
    • Check Clearing and Settlement for a Credit Card Account
    • Check Charge Back transaction
  • Limits on Credit Card Account Level (define and change limits)

Card Account Management

Each account is created based on an account product. SAP DM makes use of products to define the characteristics of contracts, which includes product features as well as standard conditions and limits. On account creation, the card account bases on the corresponding account product. With that, it inherits the product features.

Our solution incorporates functionalities to manage cards like:

  • Creation of card accounts
  • Closure of card accounts
  • Manage Card Fees
  • Manage Account Limits (define, use and change limits)

Credit Card Functionality

The credit card comes with all the basic card functionality, detailed as follows:

  • Ability to make straight POS payments locally and internationally
  • Withdraw cash at anyATM locally and internationally
  • Ability to make Online Payments with Credit Card
  • Balance enquiries at any ATM
  • Ability to make budget POS payments (set up limit, use budget, process budget loan)
  • Deposit Cash (to be enabled by individual bank)
  • Create and change a PIN
  • Use Visa Token Service (Create, use, block, close token)

Additional Card Functionality

The following transactional functionality is also required and is available online:

  • Third party payments (require ability to store beneficiary details for re-use)
    • Free format
    • Bank approved (specific format enforced e.g. municipalities)
  • SMS notification to third party,
  • Fax notification to third party,
  • Email notification to third party,
  • Confirmation to self (SMS, Email)
  • Limit shifts between straight and budget.

Credit Card Statement

  • Statement incl. Primary and Additional Credit Cards as well as Budget Information
  • Check Statement
  • Create Statement Manually
  • Receive additional information on the statement

Payment of the Credit Card

Debit orders are mandatory on the Credit Card. One of the following debit order options are available:

  • Full amount outstanding,
  • Minimum payment due,
  • Fixed amount,
  • Percentage of amount outstanding,
  • Statement amount: This is the full Statement Balance which should not be affected by any credits or payments made during the payment period
  • Straight amount: Actual balance settlement (straight), allows the cardholder to pay the full straight current balance at the time of payment date

Members can also credit the Credit Card in the following ways:

  • Direct Deposits which reflect immediately
  • Internet transfers
  • Stop orders
  • Third party payments
  • Real Time payments from other Banks