news - SAP Payment Engine - successful implementation

Successful productive start of the SAP Payment Engine: Within just a few months, alseda Consulting implemented the SAP application “Payment Engine” at the bank and set it to production. The technical knowledge of alseda and using the alseda AIP (Accelerated Implementation Package) made it possible for the SAP application “SAP PE – Payment Engine” to be put into production in just a few months.

“In Time” and “In Budget” the SAP Payment Engine has been fully implemented throughout the bank. This not only impressed SAP as a software supplier, but also the bank’s board of directors. Only the alseda Accelerated Implementation Package (AIP) made this extraordinary implementation time possible.

Mr. Hail, Chief Executive Officer of the Bank, said: “We did not expect alseda to do it in time, but the alseda specialists impressed us and made the ambitious planning a reality. Within a few days the production system was stable and without problems, we thank alseda for its professional work and extraordinary expertise “

The first step was done. Further challenges were addressed. For example, the implementation of SEPA Instant Payments.