marketing strategie

We need to talk more to each other! 

That’s what we are doing with our format alseda Insights. We hold meetings on a regular basis with all the teams from different departments. Today’s meeting was about marketing. 

This format gives us a great opportunity to reach the next level on themes we are working on: 

gather new ideas 

get new perspectives  

talk about new approaches 

benefit from the knowledge of other departments 

Through the exchange, we support each other and expand our horizons. This is fun and educational at the same time. 

We are looking forward to the next alseda Insights meeting. 😎 

💡What’s your favourite resource to generate new ideas? 

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Virtual Reality in Banking  

Financial institutions want to become smart financial companions in the lives of their customers. To achieve this, it is also important for alseda consulting to understand #technologies today, what will be a natural part of people’s everyday lives tomorrow.

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