Virtual Reality in Banking  

Virtual Reality in Banking  

Financial institutions want to become smart financial companions in the lives of their customers. To achieve this, it is also important for alseda consulting to understand #technologies today, what will be a natural part of people’s everyday lives tomorrow.  

Online banking was considered an application of the future in the 1990s. Today, almost 50 million Germans are already using this form of banking. Perhaps one day there will also be just as many VR users, whose view of their finances will be virtual. 

#Virtualreality and #augmentedreality are a new opportunity to offer banks financial services to their customers in a new dimension. In the context of full #digitalization, the displayed information is not only available in the virtual world, but also transferred from real SAP banking applications into VR.  

For example, if the customer sees his/her bank account it means seeing the real data from an #SAP Banking System. If the customer decides to conclude a credit contract in the virtual bank branch, the conditions from an SAP Loans Management System are used and a #credit contract is automatically created in the SAP application.  

Alseda uses existing APIs to connect between the real world and the VR. With these technologies, the bank can offer its customers a maximum of personalized comfort completely independent of location and time.  

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