AIP – Accelerated Implementation Package

Oliver Kratz
Product Manager
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Fact Sheet
Fact Sheet: More information about the alseda AIP solution.

alseda AIP – Accelerated Implementation Package for the SAP Payment Engine

  • Facilitates payment platform consolidation
  • Fully scalable and flexible
  • Streamlines processes, increases operational efficiency
  • Open integration architecture
  • Interfaces with multiple payments channels and internal account management systems
  • High performance levels
  • Real-time processing and reporting (instant payments)
  • Includes US fomats FedWire, CHIPS and ACH (NACHA)
  • SEPA / ISO 20022 compliant
  • Supports STP and full payment traceability

The benefits of alseda‘s AIP for SAP Payment Engine:

Analysis & Specification

  • Delivery of pre-configured settings reduces the time and effort required by internal business users to analyse and specify the corresponding requirements

Configuration & Testing

  • The length of the development cycle for configuration is reduced
  • As the configuration settings have been pre-tested, the risk of bugs and other issues is significantly reduced
  • Test cases can be included in the delivery, which assist the business with test planning and initial configuration testing

Project Risk Management

  • Project risks associated with the quality of the initial configuration are substantially reduced, if not completely eliminated              

„US formats, SWIFT and SEPA Ready“

  • A pre-configured SAP Payment Engine including all the initial default settings necessary to be able to process incoming and outgoing formats like SWIFT, FedWire, CHIPS, ACH, SEPA Credit Transfers and SEPA Direct Debits

Project Costs

  • The base cost of the implementation is reduced. Factors include: savings on the internal resources required (specification and testing), the corresponding time and effort from external sources (configuration, error fixing and release management) and reduced project management requirements

Overall Project Timeline  

  • Substantial savings across the project phases and deliverables result in a significantly shorter project