ProDevFi – Development Financing

Robert Miller
Product Manager
Phone +49 69 264 846 75

The SAP based solution for project / real estate financings and developments

SAP applications for a display within the SAP banking solution

  • SAP BP – Business Partner
  • SAP BS–MCM – Master Contract Management
  • SAP BS-DM – Deposits Management
  • SAP BS-LO – Loans
  • SAP CMS – Collateral Management System
  • SAP BI – Business Intelligence (Business Warehouse)
  • SAP BA-AFI – Accounting for Financial Instruments

SAP applications for portrayal in SAP ERP

  • SAP BP – Business Partner
  • SAP BCA – Deposits
  • SAP CMS – Collateral Management System
  • SAP FI – Finance
  • (SAP CML is not needed)

Functions of the SAP applications

  • Business Partner (account holder, loan officer, guarantee)
  • Products (current accounts, loan accounts, surety accounts, buyers accounts)
  • conditions (interest, periodic fees, commitment fee, provisions, etc.)
  • Borrowing limits (commitment, account limit, surety limit)
  • Account administration (interest compensation, account locks, account statement, balance notification)
  • Transactions (transfers, interest, fees, aval provision, direct debits, SEPA, SWIFT)
  • Collaterals (mortgages, debt guarantees, etc.)
  • Accounting rules, account determination, accrued interest, reserve of bad debt
  • Reports, infosystem

ProDevFi functions (extract)

Financing Object

Relevant object data of project (real estate) financings and developments is collected (e.g. price, equity capital, overall costs, sale-progress, contract amount, object standing, building subsections plan, building promoter, object, real estate account, buyers account, amount and type of units for the object, etc.) From the object in can be branched to several units and also to reports for total overview, cost overview, building subsections overview, total billing and remaining risk.


For the real estate financings or developments, relevant data for the units is gathered (e.g. unit-ID, unit type, area, planed selling price, achieved selling price, received buyers payments, subsections plan, subsections level, building progress, buyer of the unit and if applicable notary, buyer‘s account, etc.) The buyer‘s account can automatically be created from within the respective unit.

Building Subsections

The building subsections for the real estate financings and developments are at first chosen from the standard subsectionsplan and then the relevant data is gathered (e.g. building subsections ID, standard building subsection, calculation (price), contract amount, disbursement (status), revised amount, outstanding payment, manufacturer (business partner), etc.).

Reports / Infosystem

The standard reports of the SAP applications are enhanced by important reports for surveillance and controlling of real estate financings and developments.

General reports of the object

  • Units of an object, building subsections of an object
  • Calculation, contract amount, disbursement and revised amount
  • Total overview, full settlement, etc.

Special reports of the object

  • Costoverview of the building subsections
  • Handle payment items of an object
  • Residual risk observation in €/m2 for equity employment
  • List of conditions dates
  • List of buyer‘s accounts
  • Overview of all objects of a business partner

The essential advantages of the solution:

  • More efficiency due to an integrated solution for displaying and administrating real estate financings and developments.
  • Improved work processes due to high automationfuntionalities of the solution.
  • More information and transparency due to complete grasp of all relevant data of a real estate financing or development.
  • Special functionalities for displaying building progress, current financial situation and existing risks.
  • High auditing accepability by using a SAP standard application.