PRH – Payments Reconciliation Hub on SAP HANA

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alseda PRH is a centralized tool that collects payments data from various layers.

It facilitates reconciliation of SAP PE and SAP DM payment data and

matches the data to guarantee that information is consistent.

Furthermore, it contributes directly or indirectly to the balance sheet and income statement preparation.


SAP BW on HANA converges database, data processing and application platform capabilities.

It provides libraries for predictive, planning, text, spatial, and business analytics.

Businesses are therefore able to operate near real-time.


The benefits of alseda‘s SAP Payments Reconciliation Hub meets BW on HANA

  • Analysis & Specification

Delivery of pre-configured settings reduces the time and effort required from internal business users to analyse and specify the corresponding requirements.

  • Configuration & Testing

The length of the development cycle for customization is reduced.

As the configuration settings have been pre-tested, the risk of bugs & issues is significantly reduced.

Test cases can be included in the delivery, which assist the business with test planning and initial configuration testing.

  • Project Costs

The base cost of the implementation is reduced. Factors include: savings on the internal resources required (specification and testing), the corresponding time and effort from external sources (customization, error fixing and release management).

  • Technology

Empowering near real-time decision making by leveraging SAP HANA high-performance analytic appliance.

  • Overall Project Timeline

Substantial savings across the above mentioned project phases and deliverables result in a significantly shorter project.