ETS – Extended Teller System

Robert Miller
Product Manager
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Fact Sheet
Fact Sheet: More information about the alseda ETS application.

POS-Frontend Bank Branch Solution with multi-channel approach.

The new solution alseda ETS stands for „Extended Teller System“ and offers you the possibility to stay flexible in your processes which can easily be displayed within this front-end point-of- sale solution. New processes and bank relevant products can be incorporated at any time in no time, without producing much effort. A newly created process configurator „Activiti Explorer“ allows for quick changes to stay flexible within your SAP environment.


alseda ETS gives your employees the chance to work on a very intuitive basis without having to gain massive know how prior to working with the software. All relevant processes, e.g. cash-related transactions, start- and end-of-day processes, cash management, currency exchange, etc. are accessable and can easily be changed or newly created hand in hand with a dynamic business environment. The result is less training effort and higher data quality.


alseda ETS claims to be as transparent as possible, supported by the integrated authorization concept of your SAP, i.e. company-specific user authorizations defined in SAP Human Resources become synchronized with the workplace roles, defined in the Active Directory of alseda ETS via the standard middleware SAP Exchange Infrastructure (SAP NetWeaver). This approach ensures strict user concepts and parallely allows to stay flexible in authorization role concepts, to offer the possiblility to adapt to changing organizational structures. alseda ETS ensures that individual workplaces can be freely configured by defining separate workplace roles in the Active Directory. Alseda ETS even offers the possibility to maintain your own sub-ledger, while for example using SAP Financials (FI) for your general ledger accounting.


alseda ETS enables and supports all functionalities present in a point-of-sale environment of banks. All cash-related transactions can be fully handled and displayed transparently for the involved staff.

Reports and Analysis Control your work better and make sure that totals, reserved and available amounts in different currencies, department working shifts and listings of all performed actions throughout the day for any employee, etc. can easily be reported and viewed. Standard functionality includes several engagement and analysis reports for controlling purposes, ensuring an extra transparency throughout your company. Including customer specific reports is also possible.

Multi-lingual Make sure your employees can all work with the same tool, without language barriers or additional training. alseda ETS supports several languages to ensure better working conditions on a multilingual basis for everybody. The software simplifies communication and therefore creates a better understanding and seamingless work processes.


alseda ETS can easily be integrated into your system landscape, supporting SAP and Non-SAP environments. It will become a fully integrated part of your SAP system environment. The software claims to ensure secure transactions and higher work efficiency in any given IT infrastructure. The independent character of alseda ETS therefore ensures less risk and cost for implementation.